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CNN has brought up this issue here, and I thought that I should comment a bit on it. It seems that there is a war going on here between Jewish groups that are hiding behind the banner of the Constitution and the Faithful. Everyone of the Faith should be able to pray and profess their devotion to the Lord! Any Constitution that goes against that fundamental right is not Christian!


Despite the dems winning the Senate, it seems as if G-d has other plans for our one nation under Him. He has smoten the democrats through Mr. Johnson and because of this tragedy which G-d has turned into triumph for the American Party we will, G-d willing, be controlling the Senate once again. I would also like to thank G-d for the fact that the replacement of this Democrat is chosen by Republican Governor Mike Rounds who will be sure to do the will of G-d and not the people when he appoints a Republican in the place of this poor fellow.

On CNN today Joe Watkins (see below) was saying that we were praying for the speedy recovery for the Senator. Well, we arepraying alright, praying for the Senator to be gone, whichever way G-d deems most entertaining to him! Long live the lord, and long live the Republican Party! One Senator down, a few Congressmen to go and we’ll be in power once again, G-d willing!


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