1. By watching Fox News, CNN, or any news show on television. Comedy Network is a no-no!
2. By not praying to Allah.
3. By not giving in to the evil UN which is the champion of “Human Rights”. “Human Rights” are an invention of the New World Order and lead to direct contradiction of the TRUTH.
4. By only having sex with a man or woman of the opposite sex who you’re married to, regardless of whether or not you’re gay.
5. By making sure gay people can’t marry the people that they’re having sex with.
6. By making sure that you love your neighbor, and turn the other cheek… unless he’s gay.
7. By not believing in evolution, just remember that dinosaurs lived with human beings as pets 6,000 years ago.
8. By making sure your son, daughter, husband, or pretty much anyone you know joins the army to go fight in the war against Babylon.
9. By not questioning the government.
10. By figuring out a way to re-elect President Bush in 2008. Laws are meant to be changed to suite the interest of the people!