The battle might be over with the dems in the house and the senate, but the war is far from won. After Fox is in a hole, who will save us but CNN? With geniuses like Glen Beck shaming the terrorists who might just be in our senate, the battle rages on. Recently, this Obama fellow took the spot light, he’s a tough contender who’s done everything from being born to a white woman from a black man to smoking marijuana and trying cocaine. He’s currently in the Senate and the problem is that he’s more popular than the sweet heart that lost her man’s privates to Monica, Hillary. Now if you got nothing bad to say about a man who’s like your average man, well educated, and can relate with the people, why not assassinate his character? That’s exactly what I have been thinking for the past month, and finally CNN has come through for us by associating the man with not one, but, two hated leaders of the Moslems. In two segments, one which was vicariously dressed up as a poor attempt at satire, and the other a simple comment about a name without any redemption of his character, CNN has shown itself to be fair and unbiased once again. See below for the two beautiful pieces of art which will have the American party in the White House in 2008.